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Our services
Iternity offers first-rate, comprehensive IT support to London-based businesses. We are one stop place for all the IT requirements of any SME sector client. Our service progress from audit and consultancy through implementation and deployment to the client tailored infrastructure that requires as little future support as possible. We can also take care of the database, website and telephone system whether it is deployment or just maintenance. We supply and maintain a wide range of IT hardware and software products, helping businesses to use today’s technology effectively. With our excellent rates it is a real value-for-money outsourcing service.

Desktop/Laptop/User Support

Iternity offers a full end user support service.
We can resolve any arising or ongoing issues for most of hardware and software vendors.
Operating Systems - Windows XP/Vista/7.0; Apple OS 10.x)

This also includes any periphery devices such as printer, scanner, fax machine, mobile phone, BlackBerry, iPhone and more

Moreover if you have a basic user question regarding day-to-day use of your computer we can answer all the questions and provide the training if required.